The Project

The Uptown area has always reflected the zeitgeist of Oakland. It was the main shopping district in the mid-20th Century and even housed a USO branch during WWII. It undertook a dramatic revitalization at the beginning of this century, when Jerry Brown spearheaded a renewal push that injected new business and energy, and The Paramount Theatre and Fox Theater have continued to enliven the area with nightlife and beauty.

EASTLINE will help usher in the next chapter for Uptown as it continues its growth. With community input and suggestions, we envision a vibrant city center consisting of both residential and office spaces, affordable spaces for nonprofits, as well as commercial opportunities for forward-thinking local businesses.

The EASTLINE at 2100 Telegraph comprises the city block of Broadway and Telegraph and 21st and 22nd Streets in the Art Deco quarter of Downtown Oakland.

The area buzzes with destination restaurants, boutique shopping, bars, tech business, a farmer’s market, and entertainment venues that are of particular pride to Oaklanders but draw in people from all over the region.

The Uptown is home to 21,000 residents and features many transit options. The 19th Street BART Station runs along the corridor and it’s served by several bus lines and an innovative biking infrastructure.


BART Tunnels:
The BART tunnels run directly below the EASTLINE site. This is a boon for transit options but does create design challenges. Construction of any structures above or near the tunnels requires costly engineering measures to avoid placing weight, or lateral stresses on the tunnels. The BART tunnels and the associated BART zone of influence adjacent to the tunnels traverse the site from the corner 21st Street and Broadway to 22nd Street between Valley Street and Telegraph Avenue as shown on Figure III-2. This zone of influence comprises approximately nearly half of the site.

The site also currently provides parking that is vital to Uptown District businesses and the operations of the Paramount and Fox Theaters. Any development on this site must include provisions for replacing this parking.

The EASTLINE team will continue to work with our partners and the city to develop solutions to address these issue.