Local Impact

The EASTLINE will generate estimated yearly tax
revenue to the City of Oakland of $8 million. 4,600 permanent employment opportunities will be accommodated in the new office space, as well as the retail and community spaces.

In addition to annual tax revenue and permanent jobs generated by this project, there will be 760 construction workers employed on average during the construction period, as well as significant revenue generated at its launch. One-time impact fees paid by the project amount to $20.6 million that will benefit the City of Oakland and the Oakland Unified School District.

One-time Fee revenue to the City of Oakland by category includes:

Affordable Housing Impact Fee            $8.6 million
Jobs-Housing Impact Fee                      $4.6 million
Public Art Requirement                          $3 million
Transportation Fee                                  $1.2 million
Capital Improvements Impact Fee       $1.3 million
OUSD School Facility Impact Fee        $1.8 million

EASTLINE is also dedicated to maximizing partnerships with Oakland businesses and residents during every phase of the venture. Using The City of Oakland’s Local and Small Business Enterprise Program’s standards as a guide, here are the project’s commitments to Oakland:

-At least 50% of the businesses involved will be Oakland-based
-25% maximum will be larger local businesses, and 25% or more will be small, local Oakland businesses
-During construction, at least 50% of the project’s work hours will be completed by Oakland residents (craft-by-craft)
-At least 50% of apprentice work hours on the project will be completed by Oakland residents
The EASTLINE Development Team and Union will work collaboratively to ensure that the Project PLA hiring provisions are in accordance with the City of Oakland’s local-hire goals for the project.


Our goals are simple but significant:
-Partner with the community
-Open up the planning process
-Identify the community’s priorities
-Strengthen the fabric of our city
-Articulate visions and goals

The final project will spur local business growth by creating jobs, tax revenue, and affordable housing. It will also provide space for nonprofit arts organizations and further empower Uptown Oakland as a desirable destination.